It's curious that our elected politicians from both parties (the governor and the attorney general) say they don't have money to break up illegal polygamous marriages that violate our Constitution and cause embarrassment to our state. At the same time, they spend thousands and thousands of dollars to sue a Washington-based company on behalf of a California-based company because the former gives away its Web browser as part of a package, while the latter gives its away separately.

Meanwhile, a small Utah company that sues Microsoft (the Washington-based company) for antitrust violations has to use its own resources (with no state attorneys or tax dollars) to carry out the fight. Then, these same politicians wonder why Utahns are becoming more cynical and reluctant to participate in elections. It seems that enforcing the law and looking out for the real needs of Utahns take a back seat to gathering lots of headlines and potential political favors. The voters are correct that politicians are all the same.Amber Brooks