A year and four months after it closed, the I-15 offramp at 600 North has reopened.

"The corresponding ramp at 600 South closed" when the newly reconstructed sister ramp opened, said Carol Provenzano, director of communications for Wasatch Constructors.She added that 600 North was the first of the Salt Lake freeway ramps to close for the massive highway rebuilding project, back around May 1997.

The entrances into Salt Lake City from I-15 are by way of offramps at 900 South and 600 North, while the routes out of the city onto I-15 are at 900 and 500 South, she said.

"Next weekend we plan to close 500 South to northbound I-15, and we will open the corresponding ramp at 600 North," she said. "So people will take 400 West to 600 North, and then they can jump on the freeway northbound."

In order to help commuters get used to the changes, signs have been "much enhanced," she said.

In addition, contractors painted icons on streets to help show how to get into Salt Lake City, Provenzano said.