The nostalgia joke, "When I was your age" or "When I was a kid," isn't all that funny anymore.

When I was a kid, a parent got involved with his child's life by volunteering to coach a little league team or joining the P.T.A. Now, a parent gets involved with a child's life by picketing the local bar or video rental place.When I was a kid, the elected officals represented all of the public regardless of who they were. Now, they represent big business or special interest groups, like "Eagle Forum."

When I was a kid, the local church was a place for all and its members like a big extended family. Now, they condemn any person whose life differs from them.

My point is that those who are eager to put the blame of society's "ills" on the media or alternative lifestyles shouldn't wonder why life isn't the way they remember it when they were a kid but should ask the person they see in the mirror.

P. Dean Christensen

West Valley City