We, along with many other concerned citizens, attended the public forum meeting held on Tuesday, Sept. 1, in the City Council room regarding the cross-deputization, the federal immigration law.

We would like to say that there were good points made on both sides of the question, and hopefully a solution to our problems will be forthcoming. However, we feel that there were some unnecessary comments and unfair criticism made regarding our chief of police and his officers. We have worked with these fine men and found them to be of the utmost caliber and real gentlemen. Let's not put them down but by constructive actions show what we can do together.We don't feel, however, that enough of the Latino community belongs to community-sponsored groups. How many attend the monthly community council meetings held in their neighborhoods? Belong to the Neighborhood Watch programs? Belong to the neighborhood mobile watch programs? Belong to the court watch program? Or other neighborhood constructive groups?

We challenge Sen. Pete Suazo and Lee Martinez to help you become more involved in the community work. We all need to extended ourselves to get to know each other.

Have you learned to speak the English language and taught your children English so that we can have better communication one with another outside of our homes?

"It still takes a village to raise a child." We all need to work together to help make Salt Lake City a place to be proud of.

Donna Russell

Maxine Sudweeks

Salt Lake City