The skull of an 1898 murder victim finally got a decent burial.

The macabre remnants of the unsolved 100-year-old slaying were saved as evidence, then sat around in a county courthouse closet undisturbed for nearly a century before the burial Friday."For me, this brings closure to something we should be ashamed of," local history buff Nancy Wasson said. "We, the residents of Bucksport, have been remiss in letting this sit for so long."

The slaying of Sarah Ware, a 52-year-old domestic servant remembered as a cigar smoker, has intrigued local residents since she disappeared the night of Sept. 17, 1898. Her body was found in nearby woods about two weeks later.

The skull, separated from the corpse when the decomposed body was lifted, was cleaned by the victim's brother-in-law, George Ware, who was the town undertaker.

News accounts at the time attributed her death to blows to the head, so the skull and some vertebra fragments were saved as evidence. Four years later, a man was put on trial and acquitted.