Looking for some good deals on furniture items, knickknacks and maybe even a collectible or two?

How about a good used bicycle or even some exercise equipment to help you knock off a few of those extra pounds?Then you might drop by West Jordan City Hall for a few minutes Saturday to shop the annual garage sale and fund-raising event sponsored by the South Valley Sanctuary and the West Jordan Victim Assistance Program.

The sale will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the large parking lot behind city hall, west of 8000 West Redwood Road.

Anyone wishing to donate items can call 566-6511 or 255-1095 for additional information.

However, any donations to be delivered Friday or Saturday morning should be taken directly to the sale site.

The sanctuary, a nonprofit shelter for victims of domestic violence, opened its doors last winter with 54 beds and a dozen cribs.

In addition to offering shelter for battered spouses and their families, the sanctuary also provides counseling, offers legal help, helps clients find jobs and assists with obtaining protective orders.

The Victim Assistance Program, operated by the West Jordan Police Department, provides victims of violent crime with referrals to various community service agencies and educates them about their legal rights.