Investigators said Friday they've recovered the second "black box" flight recorder from a Swissair MD-11 that crashed into the sea off Canada's coast last week.

Canadian Forces spokesman Major Tim Dunne told Reuters that the key cockpit flight recorder was found at about 6 p.m. local time "in the search area" near Peggy's Cove.Dunne termed the recovery of the flight recorder a key turning point in the investigation into the crash that killed all 229 people on the plane.

The device, which records cockpit conversations, was located in about 180 feet of water by divers operating from the Canadian Navy ship Granby. It was near where the Flight Data Recorder was found Monday.

The second recorder will be shipped to Ottawa where experts will determine its condition and prepare it for playback.

Officials hope the discovery will bring new information to the question of what caused the crash. The first data recorder recovered contained no information on the plane's final minutes in the air.