Brian Bosworth isn't even the Seattle Seahawks best linebacker (Fredd Young gets that honor), but as the boz, he's without peer in grabbing headlines.

Bosworth has his autobiography coming out in August (fter one whole year as a pro he's ready to tell his life story) and nobody will be surprised if it's controversial.

At a recent promotional appearance set up by Doubleday, the publisher, in New York, the Boz gave the Village Voice a few comments that will raise a few eyebrows.

On his teammates: "I can't really say I like them, except for maybe three of four. And they're all on defense."

On coach Chuck Knox: "He's a good offensive coach, but he doesn't know __ about defense." (he Village Voice can print a few expletives that don't make family newspapers).

On John Elway losing the Super Bowl: "I wasn't surprised. You put a little pressure on ol' John, he always caves in."

On the NFL strike: "The NFL is one of the world's two biggest monopolies. The other is the NCAA."

Knox is on a cruise and wasn't available for comment on Bosworth's critique of his coaching ability.

But the Boz can laugh all the way to the bank even if Knox is upset. Doubleday is planning to print 150,000 copies of his autography and he just made a deodorant commercial that took 16 hours and 153 takes.

This is the same Boz, by the way, who arrived at the team's recent minicamp and said he was happy he was being switched from the weak side to the strong side inside linebacker slot.

"I had a bad attitude last year. It was my fault I didn't have a more enjoyable year, but that has changed," he said.

It turns out that the Boz hasn't changed much.