Investors sent an estimated $113 million into stock funds in the two business days ended Tuesday, according to Trim Tabs Financial Services.

The $113 million inflow is a slowing of the estimated $1.16 billion inflow from stock funds in the previous three-day period, of Sept. 1 to Sept. 3.In the latest two-day period, the 521 stock funds tracked directly by Trim Tabs actually had a $272 million outflow. But Trim Tabs, of Santa Rosa, Calif., runs the numbers from those 523 through a computer model that translates them into estimates for the 3,140 stock funds tracked by the Investment Company Institute, a trade group.

While the stock fund flow was mild, bond funds continued to pull in steady amounts of new cash. The 317 bond funds Trim Tabs directly tracks had a $25 million outflow. However, that translates to a $539 million inflow when applied to the larger ICI group of funds.

Keeping with a trend, when the stock market climbs, so do inflows into aggressive growth and growth stock funds. The 102 aggressive growth funds tracked by Trim Tabs pulled in $60 million in the latest two-day period, which translates to a $418 million inflow into the ICI group of funds.

Investors sent a net $83 million into the 142 growth stock funds tracked by Trim Tabs, which factors out to a $554 million inflow.

On the bond side, government/GNMA funds were the most popular target for new investor cash. The 76 government/GNMA funds tracked by Trim Tabs had a net $48 million inflow, which factors to an estimated $270 million inflow in the ICI group of funds.