John DeLorean still gets revved up about cars.

The former General Motors executive, who manufactured the sports car that bore his name, has been embroiled in about 40 legal cases, including cocaine smuggling, bankruptcy and divorce. He was acquitted of the drug charge.He put those worries aside in October's Esquire magazine, revealing his nine favorite cars.

"I believe great cars are generally the product of the intellect and dedication of a single man," he says, reserving high praise for the founder of Ford Motor Co.

Henry Ford's Model T tops DeLorean's list, followed by a car of his own design, the Pontiac GTO. Runners-up were the Ferrari GTO, Acura NSX, Austin Mini, Lotus 25, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Mercedes S600 and Citroen SM.

What does DeLorean drive today? The Acura NSX. "Mechanically, it's a fantastic piece of equipment," he says.