Just a few random notes from around the TV dial . . .

NICE ADDITION: The addition of Dave McCann to the Blue and White Network's (as seen on KSL) football team looks like a smart move. His debut on Saturday night during Ch. 5's coverage of the Utah-Utah State game was a welcome one.Of course, he replaced the insufferable master of the monotone, Randy Rosenbloom, who made watching Blue and White games difficult at times.

(McCann is a Las Vegas sportscaster who has been the voice of the UNLV Runnin' Rebels for the past couple of years. He's also the son of the late Dale McCann, the former head of the Cougar Club, BYU's sports booster organization.)

And, while I haven't said it enough, color analyst Blaine Fowler has become a polished professional - with a bit of boyish enthusiasm - over the years.

Of course, it was still a bit of a shock to see KSL - the Home of the Cougars - doing a Utah-USU game.

ANOTHER SHOCK: Even though you knew it was going to happen, didn't it sound just a little bit weird to hear Craig Bolerjack doing play-by-play during CBS's coverage of the Tennessee-Cincinnati game?

And do you suppose Ch. 2's Dave Fox could have mentioned Bo-ler-jack's name any more than he did last week? It hardly seems possible.

DOUBLE THE DEN: Another welcome addition over the weekend was the new Saturday-night edition of the Ch. 2 Sports Den. You can never have too much David James, can you?

And, no, this is not a slam at Ch. 5's "SportsBeat Saturday." But those of us who are addicted to our remote controls are thrilled that we're now able to click back-and-forth between the "Den" and the "Beat" on Saturday nights as well as Sunday nights.

NOT A GOOD SIGN: Being that we have a WNBA franchise here in Salt Lake City - the Utah Starzz - this should be a hotbed for WNBA basketball, right?

Not quite. The third and deciding game of the league's championship series, which aired this past Tuesday, was barely a blip in the local ratings. Actually, according to the local overnight ratings, the game attracted so few viewers that it didn't even register.

In other words, not enough to count.

Which is not a good sign for the league's most high-profile contest of the season.

BETTER THAN CORSO: I've never been a big fan of ESPN's Mike Gottfried, the former Pitt coach who does game commentary for college football. But I'll give him a couple of points for mentioning on Saturday that he once took a team to Provo to play BYU without also mentioning that his Panthers beat the Cougars in the 1987 season opener.

That's in contrast to ESPN's chief studio buffoon, Lee Corso, who can never mention BYU without adding that his Indiana team beat the Cougars 19 years ago in the Holiday Bowl. (It was, of course, Corso's only decent season with the Hoosiers and he was fired just a couple seasons later.)

GET WITH IT: NBC, through stubbornness and stupidity, remains the only major network not to include an on-screen box with the score and time during its football broadcasts.

Granted, NBC's only football broadcasts these days involve Notre Dame. But this type of stone-age thinking ought to make us glad the network is no longer doing NFL games.