For the week of Sept. 13

Fruit spraying

Faithful fruit growers can rejoice. There is no longer any reason to spray apples and pears for codling moth. Even apples that will be harvested much later in the season no longer need spraying as the moth is no longer laying eggs this fall.

Fruit harvest

McIntosh apples are difficult to get fully ripe on the trees in lower valley areas. They do much better in higher mountain valleys or in Cache County. Unfortunately, you can do nothing to stop the premature drop. Let them stay on the tree as long they will, and try to pick them before they fall.

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is a serious disease that gives plant leaves a gray appearance. It commonly affects many different plants in the garden when the nights start to get cooler. Ignore the problem because the plant will die with the first frost and it is not economically feasible to control powdery mildew when it appears in the fall. Ignore it on the grass in shady areas because it will inevitably appear there.

Spring flowering bulbs are now available in most nurseries and garden centers. Plant them anytime after they are available. It is far easier and more pleasant get them in the ground when soils are dry and temperatures are warm. The bulbs will not grow any better if you plant them in inclement weather. Watch for an upcoming article on planting bulbs.

Join me for a tasty treat this Thursday at Red Butte Gardens. The annual Fall Fruit Tasting session will feature old and new varieties. The session runs from noon until 1:30.