A woman seeking help for carpal tunnel syndrome for her right wrist has sued a doctor for allegedly fondling her surgically augmented breasts during an examination that her lawsuit said had no legitimate medical purpose.

The suit filed in 3rd District Court also said that Scott Adelman, 36, of Park City "has a pattern of sexually assaulting women" and was convicted of gross lewdness in a criminal case involving another woman, a nurse at Jordan Valley Hospital, who alleged the doctor fondled and put his mouth on her breasts.Both incidents allegedly occurred in May 1997 and were reported to Murray police, the suit said.

The woman who filed suit on Friday was referred to Adelman for carpal tunnel syndrome and went to his office at Evergreen Medical Inc. in Murray on May 7, 1997, according to the lawsuit.

The suit said Adelman conducted a carpal tunnel examination while the woman was fully clothed, but then said to the woman, "So you have had breast augmentation?"

The woman said, yes, she had. Adelman told her to put on a hospital gown while he left the room, then he returned alone to the room and fondled her breasts for about 30 seconds, the suit said.

Adeleman did not wear gloves, look at the surgery scar or perform any medical breast examination, the suit said. "Rather, Adelman simply fondled plaintiff's breasts," the court document said.

The suit said the woman realized there was no legitimate medical purpose for the action and pulled away from Adelman, who told her he wanted to see her breast surgery so he could refer patients to her plastic surgeon. He also told her not to tell anyone about what happened, the suit said.

The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing has not taken any disciplinary action against Adelman and he is still practicing medicine.

"He has not had disciplinary action filed against him. Until such time as action has been filed against a license holder, and the licensing board takes action, they can practice," said Kim Morris, a spokesman for the Department of Commerce.

Morris also said he could not confirm or deny whether an investigation is under way regarding any license holder until charges are filed.

The civil lawsuit asks for $300,000 in punitive damages and compensation for emotional distress, breach of fiduciary duty, medical malpractice and sexual assault.