Aside from rush hour, traveling I-15 in Davis County is smooth sailing now.

That will change dramatically in the year 2000 if the Utah Department of Transportation begins some extensive freeway work on the north end of the county as planned.The projects are not the freeway expansion kind that currently has Salt Lake County's stretch of I-15 looking like a war zone. The Davis projects will be large maintenance efforts.

Included in UDOT's five-year plan are $8 million worth of concrete rehabilitation in the southbound lanes of I-15 between Layton and Lagoon.

Commuters are well aware of the bumpy middle lane in this area, particularly the four-mile stretch between Kaysville and Farmington. The proposed projects would replace those pothole-ridden slabs of concrete.

During this same 2000-2001 fiscal budget year, UDOT also plans to spend another $12 million on I-15 joint repair between Clearfield's U-193 (700 South) interchange and 31st Street interchange in Ogden.

The work on the eight-mile stretch is intended to continue the rehabilitation work UDOT did when it refurbished I-15 in Lay-ton two years ago.

Both projects will likely cause some major traffic disruption.

UDOT has some other projects on its preliminary plan.

Three new park and ride lots, one in Kaysville, one in South Weber and another in Farmington, are on UDOT's list.

As early as 1999, UDOT would like to construct a $409,000 commuter parking lot near 200 North and U.S. 89 in the Kaysville/Fruit Heights area.

A $1.25 million park and ride lot on U.S. 89 near the mouth of Weber Canyon and another $1.8 million lot somewhere in Farmington could be constructed during the 2003 fiscal year.

UDOT has $92,000 allocated this current budget year for continued development of the park and ride area at the Layton Hills Mall.

Another $1.8 million is also planned for Layton during 2002-2003 to coordinate the traffic signals in the city.

The Utah Transit Authority also hopes to spend $1.8 million on an expansion of express bus service in Davis County during 2003.