The City Council is pursuing yet another possible downtown site for a new post office after protesting landowners stamped out the council's previous choice.

The newly proposed site is just west of current U.S. Post Office building on the northeast corner of the intersection of State Street and 100 East.The site first pushed by the council was near the fire station. It was ruled out because of neighborhood protests and traffic concerns. The latest to be abandoned was located west of the Davis County Courthouse. Several area property owners also protested that site.

Mayor Greg Bell stressed in the Wednesday City Council meeting that the city is still committed to keeping the post office downtown. It must find a larger building with more parking to serve the needs of the growing city.

"There's a real commitment to come downtown, but we don't want to shove it down anyone's throat."

Wayne Christensen, administrative manager for the Salt Lake Division of the U.S. Postal Service, said the city has to find a site within the next six months.

"If it doesn't happen soon . . . my boss has instructed me to find another site," he said.

Christensen said he believes the latest site is workable, but time and money are the Postal Service's two biggest constraints.

City Manager Max Forbush said the city will be negotiating with the half-dozen property owners for the new site. "If things work out well, I think we can meet the post office deadline," he said.

Without a downtown site, the Postal Service might be forced to locate on the city's north end, near Kmart.