Thiokol Propulsion, a division of Cordant Technologies Inc., announced in England at the Farnborough Air Show it has developed a low-cost 2.75-inch rocket motor with a composite-case - the first composite-case rocket motor to be developed for tactical deployment.

This rocket motor is now under contract to the U.S. Army to be tested and qualified for air-worthiness on AH-64 Apache helicopters.Six Thiokol 2.75-inch rocket motors with composite cases flew from the Avenger ground vehicle in an Army demonstration program in January. The target trucks were one kilometer away and the warheads were the Hydra M-255 flechettes. These tests successfully proved the compatibility between the Hydra warhead and the Thiokol motor, and the ability to fulfill a ground-launch mission to intercept truck columns. Thiokol's 2.75-inch motor will be flight tested from the Army Apache helicopter this year and fully qualified in 1999.