American Fork Hospital-

BARKDULL, Tanya and Gavon, Provo, boy, Aug. 7.

BLACKMORE, Jennifer and Hastings, Pleasant Grove, girl, girl, Aug. 5.

BOULTON, Jane and Teddy, Provo, girl, Aug. 5.

BRADFORD, Aimee, Provo, boy, Aug. 6.

CLUFF, Floris and Tyler, Pleasant Grove, boy, Aug. 6.

DOWNS, Vikki and William, Springville, girl, Aug. 7.

EVANS, Rebecca and Ryan, Provo, boy, Aug. 5.

FLETCHER, Debora and Russell, Orem, boy, Aug. 6.

HANSEN, RaNae and Patrick, Lindon, girl, Aug. 7.

HAYS, Heidi and David, American Fork, boy, Aug. 5.

HEIMULI, Cecilia and David, Provo, boy, Aug. 5.

HUXFORD, Anne and Floyd, Rock Spings, Wyo., girl, Aug. 3.

KIRKPATRICK, Tracy and Todd, American Fork, boy, Aug. 7.

MOYAR, Ingrid and David, Payson, girl, Aug. 6.

RAWLINSON, Rebecka and Matthew, Provo, girl, Aug. 7.

RHEA, Natalie and Michael, Lindon, girl, Aug. 6.

ROGERS, Suzanne and Stephen, Orem, girl, Aug. 6.

RUTH, Taralei and Spencer, Pleasant Grove, boy, Aug. 5.

Columbia Ogden

Regional Medcial Center-

BAKER, Heather and Darren, Ogden, boy, Aug. 27.

CLARKE, Amy and Darren, Ogden, boy, Aug. 29.

GREENWOOD, Nicole and Christopher, Ogden, girl, Aug. 28.

HOUCK, Spring and John, Riverdale, girl, Aug. 29.

JIMERSON, Kimberly and Darius, Roy, girl, Aug. 27.

LUNA, Norma and Guadalupe, Ogden, girl, Aug. 28.

MABEY, Alanna and Douglas, Ogden, girl, Aug. 28.

MADRIGAL, Angelica and David, Ogden, girl, Aug. 28.

PRADO, Leticia and Azael, Ogden, boy, Aug. 29.

ROWLEY, Brandi and Brian, Ogden, girl, Aug. 29.

SHERIDAN, Shae and Kevin, Ogden, girl, Aug. 27.

SMITH, Traci and Trevor, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 27.

WALDER, Tonya and Daniel, Ogden, boy, Aug. 28.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ANDERSON, Deborah and David, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 4.

ANDERSON, Kyna, and POLLOCK, Cody, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 4.

EYRE, Karen and Jonathan, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 4.

LUCERO, Karen and Robert, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 4.

NOEL, Shannon and Edward, Riverton, girl, Sept. 4.

PETERSON, Rhonda and Kelly, Sandy, boy, Sept. 4.

SABEY, Heidi and Laine, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 4.

SIMMONS, Sheri, and RIDER, Derek, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 4.

SQUIRES, Lisa and Mark, Sandy, girl, Sept. 4.

WILLIAMSON, Alayna and Troy, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 4.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

ALLGOOD, Necca, and MOORE, David, Syracuse, boy, Aug. 30.

AMODIA, Monica and John, Roy, girl, Aug. 27.

BARBER, Lora and David, West Jordan, boy, Aug. 28.

BERGMAN, Brandi and Michael, Hill AFB, boy, Sept. 2.

FOSTER, Kathryn and Mark, Roy, girl, Aug. 28.

GARNER, Ilene and Derick, Layton, boy, Aug. 31.

GEORGE, Cindee and Dougals, Farmington, boy, Aug. 29.

HAMBLIN, Jennifer and Larry, Syracuse, boy, Aug. 30.

HARRIS, Rebecca and Scott, Kaysville, girl, Sept. 2.

HOLZWARTH, Jessica, and HENSEL, Robert, Fruit Heights, boy, Aug. 27.

JASTER, Becky and Rick, Layton, boy, Aug. 30.

JOHNSON, Trudy and Tim, Farmington, boy, Sept. 2.

LAW, JoAnn and Brent, Layton, girl, Sept. 1.

LOPER, Marcy and John, Hill AFB, boy, Sept. 1.

LOPEZ, Yvonne, and GALLEGOS, Shad, Layton, boy, Aug. 27.

McDONALD, Tracy and Michael, Syracuse, boy, Aug. 30.

McKEEVER, Maria, Layton, girl, Aug. 27.

MILLS, Gina and Brad, Syracuse, girl, Aug. 27.

MOEAI, Ann and Robert, Clearfield, girl, Aug. 27.

MOON, Cassandra and Paul, Layton, boy, Aug. 27.

MURAWSKI, Nichole and Paul, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 2.

ROBBINS, Shana and Kenneth, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 28.

TURESON, Laura Ann and Peter, Layton, girl, Aug. 31.

WHEELER, Tiffany, and ROBERTS, Brandon, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 28.

LDS Hospital-

CLARK, Linda ands Gary, North Salt Lake, boy, Sept. 7.

HOGGAN, Amber and Shawn, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 7.

HUSBAND, Laura and Ronald, Magna, boy, Sept. 7.

KIMBALL, Raelyn and Brent, Draper, girl, Sept. 7.

MANSELL, Stacey and Loren, Fruit Heights, boy, Sept. 7.

NEWBOLD, Kristen, and IPSON, Mark, Magna, boy, Aug. 27.

STONE, Kerri and Roi, Kaysville, boy, Sept. 7.