Women's Services and Resources at Brigham Young University will sponsor three workshops under the theme, "I Am A Woman, Not A Barbie!"

The first workshop on Thursday, Sept. 10, is called, "Body, I Hear You." Jean Taylor Scott, former director of Women's Services and Resources, will speak on having a greater acceptance of self."Perfection Vs. Wholeness" is the title of the second workshop, which will be on Thursday, Sept. 17. Kelly Walker, a graduate student in marriage and family therapy, will be the speaker.

The final workshop will be on Thursday, Sept. 24. It is titled "Eating For a Fitter You," and will be presented by Stacey Richins, a dietitian at the McDonald Health Center.

All workshops will be from 11 a.m. to noon in 3238 ELWC. The public is welcome. For more information, call Women's Services and Resources at 378-4877.