The state's largest "kids" outdoor swimming pool has opened here.

While most pools cater to teens and adults with deep water and diving boards, North Davis Gymnastics has opened a special pool just for young children.Located at 249 S. Main St., this pool is 60 feet long and 25 feet wide. Its most important feature is its shallow depth - 4 feet or less.

"We've designed it for small children," Keith Potter, co-owner of the pool and gymnastics center, said.

Most younger kids feel threatened in pools that are well over their heads. The 40,000-gallon pool begins at a 2 1/2-foot depth, according to Potter.

The pool also features a long stretch of stairs along one of its sides so even the most timid children can get used to the water.

Unlike many outdoor pools, the water is kept at a temperature of 92-94 degrees, too warm for some adults but perfect for young kids.

"We've had some good comments about the pool," Potter said.

Some kids have come to the pool who were deathly afraid of the water but left after eight lessons with no such phobia.

The pool has attracted kids from Layton, Kaysville and Farmington.

Some of Potter's friends in other states who run gymnastics programs have installed similar pools.

"They've all been successful," he said.

Potter said gymnastics participation declines 30 to 40 percent in the summer, and swimming instruction can make up for that drop in business.

The pool employs six to eight life-guards.

Besides lessons, Potter plans to use the pool for open swimming on Saturdays and will let it be rented for private parties next summer.

The pool opened Aug. 1, offering swimming lessons.

The last lessons began Aug. 31. The cost of the swimming lessons is $20 for eight sessions, less than the $30 charged for most other area swimming instruction.

The center also teaches gymnastics to boys and girls ages 3 and up in an adjoining building.

For more information on the pool, call 544-0854.