Two teenagers allegedly shot four other teens and a woman to death in a rampage at two homes in this Denver suburb. One of the suspects was later found dead in a field and the other was taken into custody.

Witnesses who saw the attack at one home Monday told police "two kids wearing bandanas" barged into the house carrying shotguns and opened fire, police spokesman Bob Stef said."They just walked in, fired the shots and walked out. Apparently it happened pretty quickly," Stef said.

A body at first believed to be a sixth victim of the rampage was identified early Tuesday as that of a suspect, Michael Martinez, 18, Stef said.

Police then tracked down the second suspect, a 17-year-old boy, at a home in the suburb, and he was taken to the police station accompanied by his father, Stef said. Stef declined to identify the boy. Police believe he shot Martinez.

Officers were summoned to a baby blue two-story home in an upscale neighborhood Monday afternoon by neighbors who heard shots and screams. They found the bodies of a mother and two teen-agers - a boy and a girl.

Stef said police have responded to four previous calls at the house for family violence, all late last year, but no details were available.

Police also received a report of shots fired at a home about six blocks away about the same time but saw nothing out of the ordinary there when they checked it out.

However, when they identified Martinez and realized he had friends in the area of the second house, they returned there, forced their way in and found two bodies of boys in their teens.

Clues there led them to a sixth body in a field 10 miles away, but it was several hours before that body was identified as Martinez.

Stef said police were not sure which house was attacked first. They also were unsure of a motive but didn't think it was related to robbery, drugs or gang rivalry.

"Martinez was apparently an acquaintance of all five victims," Stef said. "Whether the second suspect was just along for the ride, or whether he knew them, too, is uncertain."

The shootings shook up residents of the upscale neighborhood, who were told to stay indoors for about five hours while police SWAT teams hunted for the fugitives.