Thousands of customers had no electricity Tuesday in parts of five states after thunderstorms raked the Northeast with wind up to 100 mph, killing five people.

Two waves of storms caused damage in parts of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia and Connecticut, one early in the morning and the second in time to prevent some people from seeing TV coverage of Mark McGwire hitting his 61st home run.Nancy Campbell was caught by the afternoon storms in Wood-bridge, N.J.

"It was just like the `Wizard of Oz,' when all the debris was flying past Dorothy's window. It was very, very scary," the 43-year-old woman said. "My car was shaking. When I was on Route 1, a mattress flew right by me."

Flying debris killed two men early in the morning at the New York State Fair in Syracuse. One woman was killed by a falling tree in New York City during the afternoon and a man drowned when wind capsized his boat in Great South Bay, off Long Island. Another boater drowned during the afternoon on Sandy Hook Bay off New Jersey.