I do not look upon the burning of the American flag as a show of disrespect to the work of the founding fathers. Rather, it is symbolic of the fact that those freedoms for which our founding fathers fought have gone up in smoke. They no longer exist.

Let me put forth this thought-provoking question. Can you name a single freedom in existence that didn't exist under King George at the time of the Revolution? I submit there is not one. However, a long list could be made up of freedoms that were enjoyed under King George no longer in existence today. The right to homestead is one. The right to build on one's own property without permission is another. The list could go on and on. Taxation without representation wasn't nearly so bad at the time of the Boston Tea Party. In comparison, King George wasn't such a tyrant after all.Maybe we should begin a new celebration. Call it the "Day of Recognition." We can celebrate the day that we all finally came to recognize that our nation no longer stands for freedom. As a demonstration of this recognition, and to show the deep respect we feel toward our founding fathers and the work they performed, let us each, on that new holiday, burn an American flag. I submit that we hold this celebration on the Fourth of July. Let's do away with "Independence Day" altogether and replace it with this other name. After all, we are no longer "independent" of evil government.

Chuck Whicker