A 3rd District Judge made it clear Friday that former Salt Lake County sheriff's detective Tim Langley may not even apply to do any kind of police or investigative work.

Langley, 37, came under fire last month after it was disclosed during a review hearing that he might have violated a court order by applying for a private investigator's license in Arizona, said Salt Lake Deputy District Attorney Carlos Esqueda.In January, Langley pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated assault, a class A misdemeanor. The plea was to be held for 12 months and then dismissed if Langley completed counseling and other terms of the agree-ment.

Third District Judge Leslie Lewis said during the August hearing that as part of the agreement she had forbidden Langley to seek employment in law enforcement or in a "quasi-law enforcement investigation pos-ition."

Defense attorney Greg Skordas claimed the judge never issued any order with respect to employment in quasi-law enforcement. In addition, Skordas said "a private investigator is not a cop."

Friday, the judge said she would amend her order to state that Langley cannot apply to do any kind of investigative work, Esqueda said.

Langley was charged with third-degree felony aggravated assault after putting a loaded gun to a handcuffed drug suspect's head on Jan. 7, 1997, in the presence of three other deputies.

Langley claimed he was suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome due to his involvement in a fatal shooting months earlier. Members of the sheriff's SWAT team, Langley and former officer John Stowe shot and killed barricaded suspect George White after he popped up from behind a bar in his home with a shotgun on July 29, 1996.