There have been so many people who have defended President Clinton because he "only lied about sex and we must forgive and forget." It's not just sex he has lied about, Clinton has lied about his Arkansas record, his draft status, bimbo eruptions, lied about the women who came forward, lied about his gubernatorial campaign funds, lied about Whitewater, an SBA loan and improper electioneering. He even lied about black churches burning during his childhood and he lied on his income tax return

Clinton has lied about White House operations (drugs, etc.), he lied about his marriage, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Bosnia and Somalia. He lied about the handling of the Foster documents. He lied about the travel office, the RTC whistle-blowers, the health-care task force, and he lied about having the "most ethical administration ever" (most left because of corruption and/or indictments) and he lied about the FBI files and the illegal database.He has also lied about the illegalities in his defense fund, fund-raising in the White House and the selling of the Lincoln Bedroom. He has lied "under oath" in a civil trial and lied "under oath" in a grand jury trial, and he lied to the American people.

The only thing we have gotten from that boy's mouth is the spin, the whole spin and nothing but the spin. So help me.

Marjorie Conta

Salt Lake City