KIGALI - Hutu rebels stormed a prison in western Rwanda and freed about 3,000 inmates suspected of involvement in the 1994 genocide, authorities said Saturday. Fearing army reprisals, most of the inmates later returned to the prison.


KARACHI - An armed Muslim militant group threatened Saturday to disrupt President Clinton's upcoming visit to Pakistan to protest recent U.S. missile strikes against Afghanistan and Sudan.


NEW DELHI - Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said on Saturday his country and arch-rival Pakistan had resolved their differences over how to resume peace talks.


MOSCOW - Children danced, horses trotted and a huge helium-filled head of Moscow's Mayor Yuri Luzhkov floated three stories above the central Kutuzovsky Prospekt boulevard on Saturday to celebrate the city's 851st birthday.


HAVANA - Cuba, which harbored Soviet submarines during the Cold War, has started operating a sightseeing tourist submarine to give visitors a close-up look at the island's rich underwater life.


BOMORENDA - Vigilantes in southwest Kenya lynched 10 people they suspected of witchcraft on Saturday and set fire to four houses, police and witnesses said.


BERLIN - German chancellor candidate Gerhard Schroeder said on Saturday he believed German companies that used slave workers under the Nazis had a moral obligation to compensate the victims.


NABATIYEH - Israeli planes raided suspected pro-Iranian Hezbollah targets in south Lebanon on Saturday, a security source said.


TUNIS - The presidents of Niger, Chad, Mali and Sudan flew to Libya on Saturday despite a U.N. ban on flights to and from the North African country.


SARAJEVO - Bosnia's main Croat party on Saturday raised the political temperature ahead of next week's general election, threatening to boycott the vote over a move to disqualify 15 of its candidates.


PRISTINA - A top U.S. official said on Saturday there was evidence of "human rights atrocities" in Kosovo, where Serb troops are conducting an offensive against separatist guerrillas of the ethnic Albanian majority.

South Africa

SOWETO - Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Saturday saluted the South African children who led a bloody uprising against white rule, saying their sacrifice had inspired freedom fighters worldwide.


ORVIETO - A chunk of mosaic fell Saturday from Orvieto's painstakingly restored medieval duomo, smashing to pieces on the pavement 160 feet below.


LONDON - The Beatles are still top of the pops, having recorded four out of the five most popular music albums ever made, according to a new book to be published on Tuesday.


VIENNA - Rescuers on Saturday pulled out 16 people trapped in a flooded cave deep inside an Austrian mountain.