We're pleased, though not extremely pleased, to report that someone named Eugene Black Jr. has written a play titled "Camelot Lost" that's supposed to be all about the friskiness that took place between John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, on the one hand, and Robert F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, on the other.

"The play is based pretty much on historical fact," Eugene tells the New York Post, which is, of course, all ears. "Bobby Kennedy had had one quick fling with Marilyn earlier and then ends up with her again as he's trying to cool things off between her and the president."We see nothing in this report to suggest that any actual Broadway, off-Broadway or even off-off-Broadway producers have engaged to put the darn thing on a stage, but Eugene isn't shy about going into more detail about the work's substance.

"There could be some risque situations," he admits, with great candor. "There is a lot of kissing and fondling between Bobby and Marilyn." Nor does he rule out the possibility that the actors portraying the Kennedy siblings and the Monroe woman might at some point appear in a nude or semi-nude state.

As for the timeliness of the project vis a vis our current commander in chief's difficulties in the area of martial fidelity and public truthfulness, Eugene makes the following observation.

"Clinton is a longtime student of political history," he says, "and should have learned from the Kennedys."