As a responsible adult and a homeowner in Draper, I would like to appeal to the self-appointed guardians of our morals who are leading the prohibition movement on South Mountain.

My husband and I have raised four responsible, honest, contributing members of society. We pay our bills on time, take good care of our property and contribute to charity on a regular basis. We believe in a higher power and choose to treat others as we wish to be treated. We also have an appreciation for good food, wine, locally brewed beer and distilled spirits on occasion.Neither of us have ever been suspected of, or arrested for driving under the influence. We would never take for granted that we had the right to jeopardize the life and safety of ourselves or others.

Apparently the Howells and the "other 1,000 people" who signed their mystery petition are assuming that anyone who enjoys a drink with dinner was trained by the boys in "Animal House." If I were to subscribe to that line of thinking, I could only assume then, that those of you who enjoy a bowl of Hagen Daz in the evening are attempting to emulate the glutton in the movie "Seven."

I'm curious as to how the Howells chose their petition signers. I work from home and can be found seven days per week simply by ringing the doorbell, yet I was never contacted by anyone.

Perhaps some of you noble crusaders would like to join some of "us" for dinner some evening. You may be surprised to learn that not only do we know which fork to use but that none of us have been invited to a food fight or keg party since the '70s.

Kathy Wallin