At last, the summer movies have come up with a winner. Having just seen "The Mask of Zorro," I just felt impelled to register a thumbs up for a delightful, swashbuckling, fun and wonderful movie.

Imagine being able to go see a movie where there are no sickening sex scenes, no use of that horrible disgusting word (or any other swear words, for that matter), and where there is the great acting of Sir Anthony Hopkins, a handsome Antonio Banderas and a damsel so beautiful it is hard to believe.Yes, a dark-haired beauty captures your heart, and a dashing hero gives enough fun and action to capture the attention of almost any teen or young-at-heart adult.

Hooray for Hollywood! They've finally come up with a movie that gives you the opportunity to go and just be thoroughly entertained. They gave us "The Horse-Whisperer," too, and maybe, just maybe, they are getting the picture that the majority of the public like seeing pictures where they don't have to cringe at language, sex, profanity, vulgarity, etc.

Bonnie Jean Petersen

Salt Lake City