The recent Deseret News article on state legislative races (Sunday, Aug. 16) highlights the arrogance of the one-party rule which currently exists in Utah. The Republican Party has designated as its "number one legislative priority" the defeat of freshman Rep. Patrice Arent (District 41 Holladay). This prioritization is not based upon any disagreement with her positions on the issues, nor even on the qualifications of Arent or her opponents.

Instead, Republican officials have targeted Arent solely because she is articulate, well-regarded and effective. Referring to Arent, the executive director of the Utah GOP stated that Republican officials want to "cut off the snake's head before it gets bigger." Apparently the Democratic Party is not entitled to have articulate, well-regarded effective legislators.I had not yet decided who would receive my vote in this November's election. I have now decided. I refuse to be dictated to by political party officials who feel they are entitled to total control of the state. Representative Arent will receive my vote in November. I like articulate, well-regarded and effective public officials. There are not enough of them.

Grace Purol

Salt Lake City