DAVID YOUNG; "A Christmas I'll Remember" (UMC) ***

David Young — classically trained flutist/recorder player, rock-trained guitarist and former member of the new-age duo Celestial Winds — has released a unique Christmas album.

Mixing his flute with licks from his electric and acoustic guitars, Young has created a reverent blend of the two styles. Unlike the full-out rock opera of the seasonal Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Young has strived to make "A Christmas I'll Remember" both relaxing and poignant.

"Ode to Joy," Pachelbel's "Canon" (which, thanks to pianist George Winston, has become a Christmas favorite), "Joy to the World" and "Carol of the Bells" are highlights.

The album also features drum accompaniment, but done in a way — especially on "Little Drummer Boy" — that is unobtrusive. The drums are essential to the piece but not pronounced.

The final track on the album, the title cut, is an original pop-rock gem written by Young and Johnny Scaglinone.

If you are unable to find his album in a local store, go to Young's web site, davidyoungmusic.com.

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