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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret Morning News
Kristine Bullock owns and operates the shop, which provides yarn, thread, spinning wheels, etc. \— and classes to help hobbyists get started.

The fiber arts have always interested Kristine Bullock.

For most of her life she has done both crocheting and knitting, later on learning spinning, weaving and basketmaking. She said she goes through phases where she enjoys one activity more than others.

"Sometimes I just want to knit, sometimes I want to spin, sometimes I want to weave," she said. "It just depends on what I'm into ... so I like doing them all. It just kind of rotates."

Just over a year ago, Bullock was able to transform her passion into a business: three wishes Fiber Arts LLC. The store sells all types of supplies related to the fiber arts, including yarns, weaving threads, spinning wheels, looms and raw fleeces. It also has a collection of books to aid anyone wanting more information. Some of the supplies in the store Bullock buys locally.

"I have several different people who do dyeing, and I buy their things," she said. "(I also buy) from local spinners who want to spin their yarn (and) those with alpaca farms, (I buy their) raw fleeces and yarn."

In addition to supplies, Bullock offers classes for anyone who wants to learn the fiber arts. Classes vary according to skill level and range in cost from $30 to $150. Each quarter, Bullock prints a newsletter, with a class schedule in it. A copy of the newsletter is available in the store.

One of the most difficult things in starting her business, Bullock said, has been getting the word out about it, but advertising and connecting with the spinning and knitting guilds has helped.

Her favorite thing is seeing someone's excitement at learning a new skill.

"I love it when people come into the store and it's like they can hardly breathe they're so excited they've found this," she said. "Some are just so excited they have to go home to get stuff for their projects because they can hardly stand it."

So far the public has responded very well to Bullock's store, especially its prime location. It was the only yarn store on the west side of the valley until one opened in Riverton recently.

"For people on the west side, they're thrilled they don't have to go to the east side to get yarn," she said. "It's easy access for I-15 and I-215. We haven't had a weaving or spinning store in the valley for years. This provides access to stuff so they don't have to get it on the Internet. They can actually see the colors, see the looms and try out and figure what they'd like."

Three wishes Fiber Arts LLC, 7130 S. Redwood Road, is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; it is closed Sundays. Bullock said a Web site for the store is in the works but won't be ready for a few months. Anyone wanting more information about the store or classes offered can stop in or contact Bullock at 748-1881.

Bullock encourages anyone who wants to learn about the fiber arts to take a class.

"A lot of these things you can invest a lot of money in, but if you don't take a class, sometimes it takes a you a lot longer to get there, and people tend to be discouraged," she said. "We have fabulous teachers, and you can walk away from class feeling like you can do it. You get a good solid foundation and can go on and do it on your own after that."

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