PROVO — Tuesday's national political shift to the left had no effect on heavily Republican Utah County's election results.

A majority of the county's elected posts were retained by incumbent Republican candidates, and other Republican nominees were successful across the board.

Utah County Commissioner Steve White likely retained his seat on the commission. With 100 percent precincts reporting, he received 76 percent of the vote. He opposed Democrat Joseph Brierley from Spanish Fork. He received 23 percent of the vote.

"It's a relief," White said. "I worked hard for four years for the citizens of the county. ... I think that I earned a second term, and I'm going to work really hard over the next four years to serve the county just as effectively."

Every other available county position was decided before Tuesday's election.

Utah County Assessor Kris Poulson ran unopposed in the convention and was unopposed in the general election. Republican Jeff Buhman was, in effect, chosen to be the new Utah County attorney at the convention when he beat incumbent Kay Bryson. Then, Buhman ran uncontested in the general election.

Republican Bryan Thompson was chosen for Utah County clerk/auditor over Cary McConnell in the June 27 primary election. Thompson ran uncontested in the general election.

Republican Gary Anderson uprooted incumbent Jerry Grover at the county convention for a seat in the County Commission. Anderson was uncontested in the general election.

Utah County Recorder/ Surveyor Randy Covington and Utah County Sheriff James Tracy were elected after both ran unopposed at the convention and general election.

Republican Robert Kirk was elected as Utah County treasurer after winning the spot over Kim Jackson at the Republican county convention. Kirk was uncontested in the general election.

Rep. Margaret Dayton, R-Orem, easily won her bid to move from the Utah State House to the state Senate. She will replace incumbent Parley Hellewell, whom she defeated at the Republican convention, after controlling 69 percent of the vote Tuesday. Democrat Bethanie Newby earned 25 percent and Constitution Party candidate Gordon Mella 6 percent.

"That's awesome," Dayton said. "I'm so elated and honored. I feel like being in the Senate is going to be an opportunity to have a little more influence as one of 29 instead of one of 75."

Republican Stephen Sandstrom defeated Edward McGarr, representing the Constitution party, for Orem's House Seat 58. Sandstrom earned 71 percent of the vote to McGarr's 28 percent.

In District 59, Rep. Lorie Fowlke, will return to the House. The vote tally was 84 percent to 15 percent, in favor of Fowlke over Russ Zimmerman, a Libertarian.

Rep. Brad Daw led Democratic challenger Edwards Lalone 76 percent to 16 percent. Scott Swain, from the Constitution Party, won 10 percent.

In addition, American Fork residents approved a $46.95 million bond issuance to pay for an irrigation system with non-drinkable water that will be installed in three phases over the next three years. With 100 percent of the city's 16 precincts reporting, 55 percent had cast ballots in favor of the bond issuance. Forty-four cast ballots against.

Contributing: Sara Israelsen, Tad Walch