John Parkinson shares some tips on taking nature photographs:

• Keep in mind the time of day. Photographers look for "sweet light," early morning or late afternoon when shadows delineate form in dramatic ways.

• Don't think you just need a bright, sunny day. An impending storm or the clearing right after a storm can offer spectacular lighting.

• Take a lot of pictures. "That's easier now with digital cameras."

• Match the equipment to the subject. "Digital is great for some things, but film still works better for others. You can't use digital for nighttime, time-lapse shots, for example."

• Get off the beaten path. Some of the best shots are away from the road — or at least out of the car.

• Follow common sense and safety rules. Don't risk your life for a great picture.

• Don't get so caught up in the pictures that you forget to enjoy the setting. Take time to look around and savor what nature has to offer.