Transcript of video posted on YouTube of a courtroom confrontation involving 3rd District Judge Leslie Lewis on Feb. 24, 2006.

Judge Lewis: "I have a prejudice concerning deer hunters and people who kill deer and transport deer that have been shot ... (cut in tape) Have you ever actually looked at a deer when they're alive?"

Michael Jacobson: "Uh, huh."

Lewis: "And it doesn't bother you that you can see its heart beating?" (pause) "I'm asking you a question, I expect an answer."

Michael Jacobson: "Yeah."

Lewis: "Were you starving? Did you need the meat?"

Michael Jacobson: "I wasn't the one that shot the animal."

Lewis: "Would you have stopped your friend?"

Michael Jacobson: "Nope, I wasn't there at all."

(cut in tape)

Lewis: "Our minute entry will just indicate that. Are we boring you?" (Judge directs comment to man walking out of courtroom.)

(Judge asks a bailiff to go out and bring back Kent Jacobson before her.)

Lewis: "Now, why did you feel the need to make such an explosive and clear indication of your displeasure or boredom at being here?"

Kent Jacobson: "OK, it's not just the displeasure of being bored here. The problem is, is we have just as much rights of going out and shooting deer as you have the right ... (interrupted)."

Lewis: "What are you talking about?"

Kent Jacobson: "Well, it was your disregard of what you said ... (interrupted)."

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Lewis: "Put him in custody. I'm not going to argue with you, and you have no business chastising me, sir, and I did not make a comment that you have any right to correct. What I said is I had strong feelings and consequently was recusing myself ... .(interrupted) ... I don't want to hear a word from you. You and I are not in the same position, we're not having a dialogue."

Kent Jacobson (While being led in handcuffs): "I didn't say anything. I got up and walked out."

Lewis: "After making a large explosive indication of your displeasure at being here and when I asked if you were bored you said, 'Yes.' (To bailiff.) Take him back, I don't want to look at him."

Kent Jacobson (mumbling): "I was bored."

Lewis: "You're bored? Let's see how you feel in the holding cell. ... That's a first."