As a child growing up in the 1960s, I found "War of the Worlds" by H. G. Wells the scariest and most unsettling movie around. With those screeching death rays and protective force shields, those mysterious Martians were unstoppable with even nuclear weapons.

Years later, when I learned about the adult panic the original "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast by Orson Wells caused, I realized my fears were not unfounded.Now, just in time for the 1998 Halloween season is a new twist to that Martian invasion - "Superman: War of the Worlds."

This 64-page comic will tell the story of what if the Man of Steel was the only thing between Metropolis in 1938 and those tripod-shaped vehicles that fire on everything.

Since the modern Superman saga includes a Martian super-hero, "The Martian Manhunter" in the Justice League of America, DC Comics is using the Golden Age Man version of the Man from Krypton in this story. That's because there was no such Martian crimefighter in those early days.

This Superman wears a smaller "S" symbol in a triangle and has reduced powers.

The one-shot comic will arrive in stores on Oct. 14 and will sell for $5.95.

- DOOMSDAY IS COMING BACK - Superman "died" during his first battle with this creature in 1992. A couple of years later Doomsday was resurrected too in the "Hunter Prey" saga and the Man of Steel had to kill the monster yet again.

Each time Doomsday is reborn, he's deadlier than before.

Now "The Doomsday Wars," a three-issue series begins on Sept. 30 with the latest version of the toughest monster Superman has ever faced somehow coming back.

This time Doomsday has superior intelligence besides its awesome strength.

Each issue will sell for $4.95.

- EVEN MORE SUPERMEN - DC Comics has several other special upcoming issues of note.

The price is very steep ($75 and $60 respectively), but reprints of both Superman's original daily newspaper comic strips (1939-42) and another of his Sunday newspaper comics is coming in October and November.

These rare stories tell how Superman fights both Hitler and Mussolini, plus how he would use his powers to end World War II.

- "Superman 3-D" fights Mainframe in a comic that will arrive on Oct. 21 and sell for $3.95 - complete with 3-D eyeglasses.

- Other Superman-related com-ics include: `Superman: Silver Banshee" (Oct. 7); "JLA/Titans" ($2.95) on Oct. 21 and "Mad About the Movies: Special Warner Brothers Edition" ($14.95) on Oct. 28.

- Just in time for the Christmas season, "Superman: The Complete History," a new 192-page biography will arrive in stores during November and sell for $29.95 from Chronicle Books.