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Dan Marriott climbs aboard his Fleetwood Pace Arrow in August 1990. He served four terms in the Utah House.

Dan Marriott, now 66, left the House after four terms to run unsuccessfully for governor in 1984 (losing to Norm Bangerter in the GOP primary).

He later attempted a comeback race for Congress in 1990 but lost a GOP primary (where many Democrats "crossed over" to oppose him) to Genevieve Atwood, who in turn lost to former Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah.

Since Congress, Marriott says he has focused on his insurance and investment company, "and real estate was my hobby. But it got bigger than my business."

That includes building the 120-room Zion Park Inn, just outside Zion National Park, and the Switchback Grill and Trading Co. there. Marriott also developed the nearby Canyon Springs subdivision.

"We still have 30 acres of commercial property there, and we are now looking at a second phase, another hotel and resort-destination development," he says.

Marriott also built and sold a hotel and restaurant in Ogden. He says he is looking to develop another 30 acres of commercial property at the intersection there off I-15 and 12th Street.

He also recently served for three years as president of the LDS South Africa Cape Town Mission — where he returned to see such figures as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whom Marriott had first met while a member of Congress.

"I've really enjoyed my post-political career," he says, but he acknowledges missing Congress a little. "I miss traveling and doing things like meeting with Anwar Sadat in Egypt before he was assassinated, and King Hussein in Jordan and leaders throughout Europe."

He adds, "Politics has changed a lot. Back then, we were not at each other's throats. There was a better relationship between Democrats and Republicans. It's become a nasty business. I don't miss the total partisanship that goes on."