Extra police officers were on hand at Friday night's varsity high school football game between Layton and Davis high schools to prevent any possible retaliation for an incident involving the junior varsity teams the night before.

A 15-year-old sophomore who played on the Layton junior varsity squad was arrested for investigation of a juvenile class B misdemeanor charge of assault.

Police say the teenager put thumbtacks in one of his gloves and pricked players from the other team as he shook hands with them after the game.

Layton police said they knew of at least three Davis players who were pricked.

The Layton player said he was upset with the Davis team for allegedly putting some sort of chemical on Layton High School's football field, said Layton Police Sgt. James Petrie.

Detectives, however, could not find any damage to the field, he said.

There were no incidents during the junior varsity football game. After the game, as the Layton player shook hands with the other team, the opposing players got what was described as pinhole wounds in their hands, Petrie said.

The Davis players took note of the jersey number of the 15-year-old and told their coach. The coaches from the two teams then talked and apparently thought they had taken care of the problem internally, Petrie said.

One of the fathers of a Davis player, however, called police. Detectives later interviewed the Layton player.

"He took full responsibility for it. He said it was his responsibility," Petrie said.

In addition to the criminal charge, the sophomore was kicked off the football team, an assistant principal at Layton High School said.

As for any other disciplinary action, the school would only say it was "proportional to what happened" without going into detail about his punishment.

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