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KMFDM has been all over world and is gearing up for another tour.

In 2003, vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sascha Konietzko reformed his techno-metal group KMFDM — after the group had disbanded and he toured with another band called MDFMK.

"I think I'll keep KMFDM going until it's not fun anymore," he said at the time.

Two years later, Konietzko says, "It's still fun. In fact, it's more fun now than it has been in the last 20 years."

Speaking by phone from his studio in Seattle, he added, "We have a lot on our plate, and that's when we feel the most comfortable.

The term "a lot" is an understatement. Konietzko is overseeing the rerelease of the entire KMFDM back catalog. The band's first three albums, "What Do You Know Deutschland?" (1986), "Don't Blow Your Top" (1988) and "UAIOE" (1989) have just been remastered and reissued. And the next three will come out in November. Then, early next year, the remaining four albums will be released in two batches of two.

The fear of losing the catalog sparked the remastering, which also includes in-depth liner notes written by Konietzko. "The albums were originally recorded for Wax Trax, which was sold to TVT. But then TVT defaulted on a loan and that froze the catalog. So, after a three-year battle, I was able to get the catalog back.

"The original agreement was that the catalog would have reverted back to me in 2008, anyway, but TVT and Rykodisc were thinking of just making a KMFDM compilation, which would have eliminated my catalog, and I didn't want that."

After reacquiring his music, Konietzko proceeded with the remastering. "It is interesting, because listening habits change over a period of time. If I were to listen to our last year's album 'Hau Ruck' today, I wouldn't think too much of anything, except that I like it. But 20 years down the road, if I listened to it, I might hear things that I would like to do again."

Still, he said that listening to the past albums again, with the purpose of remastering, was a good experience. "It brought back a lot of memories. And we didn't change much, except to make the sound as good as we could."

The current incarnation of KMFDM includes Konietzko, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Lucia Cifarelli, bassist Jules Hodgson, drummer Andy Selway and guitarist Steve White.

Konietzko, known as "The Kapt'n" to his crew, said the band is the best lineup he's worked with. "We have toured more since 2000 than we did in the whole decade of the 1990s. We've gone all over the world and are gearing up for this current tour."

With 200 songs in the KMFDM catalog, the band had quite the time putting together a set list for the tour. "There were some that were impossible to play live because of all the technical tricks we did on them for the albums. And there were some that we had overplayed throughout the past few years. We decided to cut back on those.

"But there are some that we are stuck playing. And with five members in the band, we all have our different tastes and likes. But we finally did it, and it will give people a good experience and give us a chance to play some songs that we haven't played in a while."

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