A family that aired its dirty laundry by accident now is seeking some compensation.

Lori Lake said she placed several bags of laundry from her family of five on her driveway for her mother to pick up and clean.The garbage collector showed up first.

The laundry - six to seven large clear plastic bags filled with soiled sheets, towels, underwear, golf shirts and school clothes - was picked up and hauled away. Lake said the family lost about $1,000 worth of laundry.

Gary Hitchcock, route supervisor for City Environmental Services of Montrose, said the bags are now buried in a landfill and probably are impossible to retrieve.

He said the collector told him the laundry bags were resting on the curb.

"We have a hard enough time getting these guys to pick up everything they are supposed to pick up, let alone have them walk up a driveway to get bags," Hitchcock said Wednesday.

The agency is investigating the claim.