Davis County, like other counties in Utah, took advantage of the sales tax option, which would cut the average property tax $100 from last year. The in-creased sales tax revenue was to reduce our property tax, not enhance the county's wealth. They have, for no justifiable reason, greatly increased the property evaluation on our homes so our tax cut turned into a tax increase.

The problem is the tax increase appears small but does not reflect the real increase. The real increase is the $100 from the sales tax option, plus the increase shown on the property valuation notice.The county is inflating the property value so they can reap a windfall. The inflated valuation of my home equals $1,264 per month increase, which is totally without justification. The county can assign a value to our home, and we must prove it wrong. They do not have to justify their action. We pay the taxes or lose our home.

The greater injustice comes when you compare the tax valuation on a much newer home and find you are paying more taxes because you live in an old home.

It does no good to complain to our elected representatives. They listen, but ignore your petition for help. They know there is no danger of being voted out of office, because they are Republicans. They know their jobs are guaranteed for life, regardless of how often they raise our taxes. If by chance the people tire of the Republicans' "tax the poor and middle class and give big business and the rich big tax breaks" policy, they may decide to vote for someone other than a Republican. No change can take place as long as our politicians know their jobs have a lifelong guarantee, and know that no one will question what they do.

Gerald N. Durtschi