As I drove to work this morning thinking about the fact that I still have a Clinton/Gore bumper sticker on my car, I contemplated why that bumper sticker existed and whether there was any reason for this symbol of support to remain.

I have twice voted for Bill Clinton and have applauded his many accomplishments as president. I've watched and even joined my fellow Democrats bemoan the expenditure of $40 million by Kenneth Starr in what has been described as a partisan effort to destroy Bill Clinton. However, I pondered Bill Clinton's tirade the other night about Ken Starr "hurting" so many people, and I concluded reluctantly and with considerable sadness that President Clinton is not worthy of remaining in office and should resign out of respect for the office of the presidency.Some of my fellow Democrats may accuse me of abandoning the president when he needs his supporters the most, but my first loyalty is and always shall be to the country, not the party or Mr. Clinton's presidency. My reasons why the president should resign have to do not with whether Mr. Clinton did anything impeachable (it's unlikely that enough evidence will surface to result in impeachment) but has to do with whether Mr. Clinton deserves the public trust relating to his office and whether he can effectively execute the office of president.

By lying under oath, lying to the American public and betraying his marriage vows in the manner in which he did, I cannot imagine a circumstance by which the public would or should trust President Clinton.

Perhaps what troubles me the most is the unwillingness of Clinton to really accept responsibility for his actions. I have always admired men such as Howard Baker, Lowell Weicker and Bill Cohen, Republicans who had the courage to be objective and impartial during our nation's dark hours of Watergate.

The future of our country is more important than Bill Clinton's presidency, and because Bill Clinton has violated his trust with the American people, he should do the honorable thing and step down.

David L. Swan