The White House denied Rep. Dan Burton's claims that supporters of President Clinton are behind a "scandal story" Burton says Vanity Fair magazine is working on about him.

"We have been open in our criticism of the way Rep. Burton has conducted his committee, but as to private matters, no one has and no one will comment on his personal life," presidential adviser Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday.Burton, R-Ind., is chairman of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee, which has been investigating Clinton's fund-raising practices. Burton has been one of Clinton's fiercest critics.

Burton, 60, acknowledged Monday night that his 38-year marriage has had some rough spots. He told about 50 constituents at a town hall meeting, "Anything you read in the paper that I should be accountable for, I apologize in advance."

His brother, state Rep. Woody Burton, said the reporter asked him whether the congressman has had any extramarital affairs. Noting that Dee Dee Myers, Clinton's former press secretary, is on the staff of Vanity Fair, Woody Burton said the story is "nothing more than a witch hunt."