During the past year or so, ever since the Legacy Highway project was first announced, there have been dozens of letters to the editor in opposition to the proposed highway. Virtually all of these opposing viewpoints come from residents of Salt Lake City or other locations. These people do not realize the transportation problems of Davis County and would not use the Legacy if it was built. They attack the highway for environmental reasons and little else.

I-15 is the only high-speed, high-volume highway between North Salt Lake City and the north Davis and south Weber County areas. Gridlock due to overcrowding is a daily occurrence, especially at rush hour.Living in Bountiful and working at Hill Air Force Base, I would be just one of the many who would use the Legacy Highway if we can agree to build it.

There are environmental concerns to be addressed and the original western alignment may need to be abandoned. Cities along the corridor will have to accept that the highway might have to pass through their western parts instead of passing through the wetlands near Great Salt Lake.

I support our governor's plan to build this sorely needed highway. Let's not ruin the chances of actually building the Legacy Highway by fighting over how far east or west to build it.

Scott Crosby