I love and will sacrifice for America, her Constitution and our freedoms. But all of these have been compromised by this government's foreign policy of institutionalized terrorism. Clinton has gone too far with his latest crime of passion in Sudan and Afghanistan, recklessly abusing the most powerful and important legal loophole in history by, in essence, declaring war singlehandedly. In addition, he has most certainly amplified worldwide outrage against the United States.

We have wronged the Islamic world with violence too many times to expect forgiveness without real atonement and change: We aid and abet Prime Minister Netanyahu in his defiance of the Israeli-Palestinian Oslo peace treaties, which translates into his stealing of Muslim land; we initiated the slaughter of more than one-half of a million Muslims (knee-jerk patriotic extremists, no doubt, but almost identical to those here in America) in the name of liberating what originated as a puppet state of the British Empire, Kuwait; we violently attempted the futile task of obliterating the Muslim's right (given by American precedent) to nuclear and biological weapons; and now we have gone and bombed two sovereign nations. This is what mankind has seen from the "leader of the free world."Only a free, unbiased network of television and newspapers that makes real efforts to respect the people and cultures of the "global community" and their rights to sovereignty will help educate and empower the masses of outraged citizens to harness and correct their government's abuses of power.

Now more than ever, we should realize the truth to Thomas Jefferson's words, "Given a choice between a democratic government and a free press, I would choose the latter." Currently, Americans are being robbed of both.

Brent Rian Gaschler

Salt Lake City