Police believe a Salt Lake man accused of stealing $100,000 in phone equipment from a US WEST truck over the weekend was trying to hack his way into the company's computer system.

The 19-year-old man was arrested at his home Monday by Salt Lake County sheriff's deputies and the stolen equipment was recovered, Salt Lake County Deputy Sheriff Peggy Faulkner said.But the plan to access computer systems was torpedoed by some of the very same phone technology that was stolen.

Caller ID boxes at the homes of top US WEST executives called using the stolen goods led police to the suspected thief.

The caller told the executives he was a security officer and needed their PIN numbers for security purposes.

Police aren't sure exactly what the thief intended to do with the information, Faulkner said.

Police said the Utah suspect was arrested in San Jose, Calif., for a similar crime earlier this year.