Six blisters and about 250 miles to go on foot.

"It wouldn't matter how many blisters there are," said Doug Gillmore of Salt Lake City. "I'm going to walk to Omaha because I've got a friend who needs some help."Gillmore's friend, Larry Stewart, was critically injured a year ago after participating in a wagon train re-creating the Mormons' journey to Utah.

Now Gillmore, John Lodefink, also of Salt Lake City, and Doug Laws, of suburban Chicago, are pulling a Mormon replica handcart across Iowa to raise money for the family.

They left Nauvoo, Ill., on July 18, and hope to have raised at least $5,000 by the time they reach Omaha, Neb., expected around Sept. 9.

Stewart - nicknamed Turbo in high school because of his speed on the track and cross-country teams - was baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after arriving in the Salt Lake Valley with the wagon train on July 22, 1997.

Less than two weeks later, he was injured in Farson, Wyo., while loading his unhitched wagon onto a truck. The 2,800-pound wagon apparently rolled backward and pinned Stewart's head against a van.

Stewart, 26, has been hospitalized at University Hospitals in Iowa City for nine months. The left frontal lobe of his brain has been removed, and he is fed through a tube in his stomach.

He's responsive, but whether he will walk and talk again is uncertain.