I quit going to Jazz games two years ago (unless I'm handed a free ticket). I can't afford it anymore. The so-called "market value" players are demanding has driven costs and prices up to a point where most common fans can't get to a live game. Now, Karl Malone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. At age 35, he has decided to become "a little selfish." I remember another Jazz star who became a little selfish a few years back and promptly got traded to another team. He never really was the same player again. That player? Adrian Dantley. Where is he now? Perhaps regretting his missed opportunities.

Is that the price Karl wants to pay for market value and respect from the Jazz organization? It seems to me the Jazz have been more than respectful. They allowed Karl to develop a career here in a way he couldn't have done anywhere else. Karl makes in six months what most of us will never make in a lifetime. If that's not good enough, Karl, hurry up and go out there and find something else.Bill Holt

Salt Lake City