Now that the strike is over, 3rd District Judge Tyrone Medley will not issue a ruling regarding US WEST's request for a preliminary injunction against the Communication Workers of America Local 7704.

The company had asked the court to change a temporary restraining order signed earlier by 3rd District Judge Stephen Henriod into a preliminary injunction that would impose several restrictions on picketing.These would include two new provisions: restricting pickets to six per building entrance and stationing them 30 feet apart.

However, negotiators for the company and the union reached a surprise agreement Sunday night, and employees headed back to work Monday.

"Strikers are no longer striking, picketers are no longer picketing, employees have either returned to work or are in the process of returning to work," Medley said. "It's my assessment that any decision (by the court) would be moot."

Medley kept Henriod's original temporary restraining order in place. Medley also said that if a proposed contract is not ratified that attorneys should notify him and he would place the ruling announcement back on the court calendar immediately.

If the contract is ratified, it is likely that US WEST will voluntarily withdraw its request, according to Floyd Jensen, attorney for US WEST.