Directions: Take the Willard Bay exit off I-15 North of Ogden to U-89 and then to the South Marina. Or take the Willard exit off I-15 to the North Marina. Bay is west of interstate.

Description: This is a man-made freshwater impoundment on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Mostly steep, rocky shoreline along dike. Only launch and retrieve is at state marinas. Water is about 20 feet deep in most places.Fish: Walleye, Crappie, Channel Catfish, Smallmouth, Wipers

What works: For wipers use white or silver lures or flies. Walleye can be caught on plastic Twister- or Gitzit-type baits in dark colors at night or minnow colors at dust and twilight. Trolling with night crawlers on a spinner rig and Bottom Bounder is always productive. For catfish use shrimp, minnows or night crawlers on the bottom or fish spinners or Rapalas along the shorelines during spawning season. Not much bass fishing at this time. Crappie numbers are decreasing, but some good catches can still be made in the marinas in the spring.

Details: Wipers are most accessible in the evenings, especially around the mouth of the North Marina. Watch for "boils" and follow the fish as they move about. Trolling for wipers can be effective, but the fish move around and can be hard to find. Walleye are night feeders and are best caught by fishing close to the dikes in the evenings and at night. Especially good are areas where the wind is blowing into the dikes. Troll slowly for walleye along the "toe" of the dikes and keep moving until you find the right depth.

Notes: The introduction of gizzard shad into the bay in 1990 has greatly help the walleye and catfish. Very nice state parks, launch ramps and campgrounds at both marinas. Very accessible reservoir. Accommodations available in nearby towns. Another of the close fishing spot that can be a nice getaway.