Property taxpayers here will get an opportunity to voice their opinions on an upcoming hefty tax increase at a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday's City Council meeting.

In a city where the average home is valued at more than $150,000, the city would collect an average of $113 more from the average homeowner if taxes are increased. City officials say they want the tax increase for higher wages and a new departmental savings plan to pay for new equipment as it needs to be replaced.Property taxes went up $270,000 last year, but this fiscal year officials want to increase that to $428,594. The city has about 1,400 houses.

Each department will start a savings fund under the plan, which allows for large increases in each department's budget. Nearly all employees will get a wage increase, with major salary increases predicted for such department heads as Kent Wheeler, public works chief, and Police Chief Brett Barney. Officials say Mapleton salaries are well below similar towns.